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University of Ulster - Business Institute

Developing Managers program

The Irish Institute at Boston College is pleased to have hosted the 2006 Developing Managers Program in cooperation with the Business Institute at the University of Ulster. Since 2001, the Irish Institute has facilitated the international component of the Management Institute’s program of study. The 2006 Developing Managers Program built on the success of previous programs and featured sessions with business experts and site visits highlighting innovation, best practice, and sound management.

The Boston component is designed to expose participants to international standards and examples of best practice. Furthermore, participants had the opportunity to develop international networking links while gaining the practical and theoretical experience required to move up in managerial responsibility.

While in Boston, the participants attended graduate-level seminars led by Professor Don Fishman, Professor Victoria Crittenden, Professor Mike O’Leary, and Professor M. Hossein Safizadeh, Boston College Carroll School of Management. Additionally, the group also had the opportunity to meet some of the most innovative and successful industry leaders across the state of Massachusetts, including Steven Papa, Founder and Chairman, Endecea; Pam Hamlin, Boston President, Arnold Worldwide; Steve Whittaker, M.I.T. Media Lab; and Tom Goemaat, CEO, and Bill Hughes, COO, Shawmut Design and Construction.