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Our Mission & History

irish institute at boston college

The Irish Institute at Boston College is committed to supporting the peace and normalization process on the island of Ireland by designing and delivering exchange programs for policymakers, leaders, and officials from all communities across Ireland and Northern Ireland. Over 600 professionals from all levels of government, business, education and the non-profit sector have participated in programming aimed at developing effective management, governance, educational, and economic strategies.

The Irish Institute’s work also strengthens transatlantic relationships and increases mutual understanding by bringing together Irish and American peers to share the challenges and successes they have experienced in tackling social, political, and economic issues. The Institute utilizes the outstanding faculty and resources at Boston College, and has developed an extensive network of partners in Boston, across Massachusetts, and throughout the United States.

Despite progress towards peace and the resolution of the Northern Ireland conflict, people in different communities and on both sides of the border do not always have opportunities for meaningful interaction. Healthy cross-border and community relations are important, however, especially if those in Ireland and Northern Ireland are to overcome seven decades of conflict, division, and disjointed development. With the Northern Ireland Assembly functioning continuously since May 2008, personal and professional links across the border and between people of all communities have never been more important to realizing the potentials of the devolved institutions and for achieving a just and lasting peace for all on the island of Ireland.

Since its founding in 1997 the Irish Institute at Boston College has facilitated more than one hundred programs and numerous special events. Today, the Irish Institute continues to develop and offer executive education, professional development, and exchange programs in a variety of areas including education, civic leadership, community development, business management and entrepreneurship, nonprofit management and fundraising, environment and regional planning, and programs promoting peace and reconciliation.
Irish Institute Programs:

  • Feature seminars with experts and university faculty, as well as site visits with industry leaders
  • Demonstrate a commitment to relationship-building across organizations, sectors, communities and borders
  •  Focus on creating and maintaining personal and professional links between Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the United States