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Frequently Asked Questions

irish institute at boston college

Q: Is the Irish Institute part of the Irish Studies Program?

A: The Irish Institute and the Irish Studies Program, along with the Burns Library Irish Collections, and BC-Ireland (Boston College’s campus in Dublin) make up the Center for Irish Programs at Boston College. University Professor of History, Thomas E. Hachey, is the executive director of the Center for Irish Programs, which unites all of Boston College’s extensive Irish initiatives.

Q: How do I apply to take part in an Irish Institute program?

A: Recruitment for programs takes place in Ireland and in Northern Ireland throughout the year and in a variety of ways: from selective recruitment to open advertisement. Since programming priorities change from year to year, it is advisable to keep an eye on our program areas to see if any is of professional interest to you. 

Q: Can the Irish Institute design a program for my organization?

A: Absolutely. We are always interested in new partnerships, and can customize programs for leaders and their organizations. Please contact Dr. Robert M. Mauro for more information.

Q: Are there other ways of getting involved with the Irish Institute?

A: Yes. The success of our exchange programs relies heavily on the goodwill and hospitality of the leaders in Boston, and further afield, who are willing to share their professional experiences, their organization’s successes and challenges, and to take an interest in Ireland and Northern Ireland. If you would like to host a visit at your organization, please do contact us.

Q: Does the Irish Institute award university credit for participation in an executive education program?

A: The Irish Institute awards certificates of completion of programs. While we do not offer Boston College credit for participation in Irish Institute programs, we often partner with organizations to deliver components of degree programs where credit is awarded at the home institution.