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About the Irish Institute

Connolly House, 300 hammond Street, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

The Irish Institute was established at Boston College in 1997 with the aim of contributing to the achievement of a lasting peace for the island of Ireland through professional exchange programs. The Institute built on the work of the Center for Irish Management, which was created in 1992 to formalize programs for emerging business leaders in Ireland and Northern Ireland, and add unique executive education opportunities in a broad range of areas. The Institute has hosted an array of meaningful and dynamic programs in various sectors, both public and private, in areas such as education, civic leadership, community development, business management and entrepreneurship, nonprofit management and fundraising, environment and regional planning, and programs promoting peace and reconciliation. More about our mission and history.

The Irish Institute works under the aegis of the Center for Irish Programs, staffed by a group of full-time professionals who are assisted by Boston College work study students. Meet the staff of the Irish Institute.

Throughout its history, the Irish Institute has hosted and worked with people from nearly all of the major political parties and institutions in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the United Kingdom. It has formed partnerships and working relationships with many institutions in these regions as well as locally and throughout the United States. Click here for relevant links.