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Global Leadership Institute

Strengthening Cybersecurity

FEBRUARY 26 – MARCH 11, 2018

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Strengthening Cybersecurity

February 26—March 11, 2018
Boston, Massachusetts & Washington, D.C.

Call for applications for a Professional Exchange Program
for Ireland and Northern Ireland


Up to 25 relevant policy makers, legal experts, academics, developers and others involved with cybersecurity in government institutions, the private sector, law enforcement and advocacy groups from Ireland and Northern Ireland will be selected to engage with Boston College and their American counterparts during an 11-day program.

Successful applicants will examine U.S. and international initiatives to promote and protect information technology systems, interfaces, and assets within government, business, and the community. The program will look at legal structures and policies and practices of the U.S. cybersecurity community. The program will include an examination of the legislative and political aspects of current and pending efforts to enhance cybersecurity in the United States at the Federal, state, and local level. Participants will also examine how these efforts work effectively across regions and borders and between institutions. For example, participants will learn how Federal, state, and local actors and authorities interact with business and the community sector to ensure cybersecurity, ensure technological resiliency, and enhance the recovery plans and practices of institutions. There will also be a follow-on component to this program, where participants will select by consensus vote a U.S. expert (from the organizations with whom they have engaged). This U.S. expert will visit Ireland and Northern Ireland on a program delivered by the Irish and Northern Irish program participants in an effort to continue collaboration between all parties involved.

This program is sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Dublin. Program-related costs including travel, accommodation, and tuition; the majority of meals are also provided. The program is not open to U.S. citizens, Green Card holders, or past participants of U.S. Government-funded exchange programs. Short-listed applicants must be available for interview in Dublin on December 5 and 6, 2017, or Belfast on December 7, 2017. Please note the program is, by necessity, highly selective; not all applicants will be interviewed and not all interviewees will be invited to participate. Applications are due Friday November 24, 2017 9AM EST.

To apply, please complete this form and send a letter of interest to Dr. Robert Mauro at The mandatory letter of interest should include: reason for application, your ability to contribute to the program, and potential for sharing your experience upon your return home. Applications received without the accompanying letter of interest will be considered incomplete.

For further information, please email or telephone (001) 617.552.4503.