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Global Leadership Institute


executive, professional, and emerging leadership programs

Summer Programs

Summer Programs

Designed for some of our youngest participants, our summer entrepreneurship programs offer the chance for international students to experience American university life while learning about business, entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership. 



AGU program

Strengthening Cybersecurity - a Professional Exchange Program for Ireland and Northern Ireland

The program will look at legal structures and policies and practices of the U.S. cybersecurity community. It will include an examination of the legislative and political aspects of current and pending efforts to enhance cybersecurity in the United States at the Federal, state, and local level.



AGU program

PhD in Innovation Management - with Arabian Gulf University

Utilizing Boston College and Arabian Gulf University's top business faculty, the PhD in Innovation Management prepares leaders in the Middle East/GCC region for change and innovation within their organizations.  



Ulster University

Ulster University Executive Leadership and Developing Managers Programs

For over ten years, the GLI has partnered with Ulster University in Northern Ireland to deliver an international module on leadership, management, and strategy to participants of the Executive Leaders and Developing Managers degree programs. 



Irish Institute

Irish Institute Grant Programs

Working as our grant-funded organization, the Irish Institute, the GLI helps to deliver federally-funded programing to leaders from Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Mexico around professional development, community activism, and peace and reconciliation efforts.