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Global Leadership Institute

What Drives Us

gli vision and mission statement

At the GLI, our goal is simple. We want to help you- senior leader, high-performing individual, aspiring entrepreneur -to achieve your professional and personal goal, and enhance your organization's growth and sustainability.

Boston college campus


We aim to improve society by promoting professional, accountable, efficient, and just practices and policies. The principles through which the GLI achieves its mission are:


Our Programing

GLI programing will enhance innovation, leadership, and management skills. Participants can expect to work with leading academics and learn from state-of-the-art research in management, education, the social and natural sciences, and humanities. Participants will also share their experiences and insights with their peers so that they can learn from one another, reflect on their professional and personal practices, and develop a working network of colleagues.

Our Students

Participants should expect to connect with the Boston College community and develop their professional and personal relationships through programing. Our connection with our participants begins with listening to their thoughts and concerns, and matching their needs with our faculty expertise through professional development programing.

Our Team

We work together to help improve the practices and policies of institutions and enhance the professional lives of our participants. As a team we to seek to live Boston College's motto, "Ever to Excel". While working to support our program participants, we also seek to develop the professional skills of our team members and reward good service.

Our Faculty

We believe the process of learning is iterative and collaborative. Students and professors can learn together from one another's academic and professional expertise, and participants are asked to challenge and revisit their ideas throughout the course of the program. With one of the top business schools in the country, all GLI programs are taught by some of the leading faculty in business, management, strategy, and leadership in the country.

Our Facilities

When our participants and faculty embrace our programing, Boston College becomes a safe and open place to learn; it becomes a place to disengage from everyday professional demands. Programing will help students and faculty share experiences and knowledge with one another. Boston College's classrooms, labs, libraries, and other spaces become places where people working together can promote a better, more accountable, efficient, and just society.

Our Community

Every GLI program takes place in multiple communities to which we will contribute responsibly: Boston College, Chestnut Hill, and national and international professional communities. GLI wishes to be a force for positive action, bringing together leaders, educators, students, and the public. By helping people learn and share together, GLI can realize its mission and promote a better society.