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Gaelic Athletic Association - Oral History Project

Theme: Volunteering

gaa oral history project

Removing the goal posts

Several generations of Roche Emmets GAA Club in County Louth help remove the goalposts from Treanor's field as the club prepares to move to new facilities in 1983.
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At the annual convention of the Leitrim GAA County Board in January 1967, the Rev. B. Doyle told the gathering: ‘Patriotism begins and ends for most of us with the parish.’ The place of the GAA in communities all across the island lends an undeniable truth to those words... More

Martin White

Martin White, 100, Kilkenny
Martin recalls that as chairman of the Crokes Club, he used to travel from Dublin to Navan every Sunday to collect a player who had been transferred there. Although he usually found another way home, Martin would repeat the journey after the match if no other transport could be found for him.
© GAA Oral History Project

Seán Seosamh Ó Conchubhair

Seán Seosamh Ó Conchubhair, 73, Kerry
Seán Seosamh remembers the innovative fundraising he undertook on behalf of Kilmoyley Hurling Club between 1954 and 1959, when he was Secretary of the club.
© GAA Oral History Project

Marie O'Brien

Marie O'Brien, 47, Cork
Marie describes events surrounding the disappearance of a jersey when it was her mother's turn to take charge of washing the Argideen Rangers team's jerseys.
© GAA Oral History Project

Paddy Muldoon

Paddy Muldoon, 67, Mayo
Paddy discusses the manner in which people become involved in club administration, the commitment that it entails, and the sacrifices that people make.
© GAA Oral History Project

Michael Leahy

Michael Leahy, 83, Clare
Michael talks about the importance of the ethos of volunteerism to the GAA, and how he feels that the payment of players would be the downfall of the Association.
© GAA Oral History Project

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'Kickham’s immortal phrase “For the sake of the little village” sums it up for me.'
—Pat Burke, 69, Tipperary
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