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Gaelic Athletic Association - Oral History Project

Theme: Family

gaa oral history project

The Davin Brothers

Three of the best Irish athletes of all times:
the Davin Brothers.  More Images

Lining up on the same team as your brother, the mother who doesn’t complain when she has to wash the jerseys for the whole team, the wife who has spent too many cold afternoons watching her husband’s game efforts on the pitch, the knowledge handed down from one generation of committee men to the next: the GAA is all about family. ... More

John Stephen O'Sullivan

John Stephen O'Sullivan, 69, Kerry
John talks about one of his earliest childhood memories: reading the names of famous GAA players from his father's newspaper.
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Ó Siocháin Family

The Ó Siocháin Family, Dublin
The family of the late Seán Ó Siocháin, who was the Director General of the GAA, talk about how his role impacted on family life.
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Honora Kavanagh Martin

Honora Kavanagh Martin, 65, Wexford
Honora talks about her family's involvement in the GAA and playing football in the back garden as a child.

**Please note that there is a lot of background noise in this clip.**
© GAA Oral History Project

Lorcan O'Rourke

Lorcan O'Rourke, 62, Kildare
Lorcan O'Rourke was the National Administrator for the Handball Council until his recent retirement. Here he discusses the impact his busy work schedule had on his family commitments.
© GAA Oral History Project

Máire Kelly

Máire Kelly, 56, Fermanagh
Máire discusses the impact that her family's involvement in the GAA has had on her family life.
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Gribben Brothers
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Coughlan Family
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‘We saw it as a way to escape the house in the '80s and see the county/country. We spent all our spare time in a field at the back of the house re-enacting Dublin & Kerry games, Kerry & Offaly, Cork & Dublin (1983), Cork versus Galway, Kilkenny in hurling — that phase passed quickly!!’
—Enda Kiernan, 39, Westmeath
© GAA Oral History Project
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