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Gaelic Athletic Association - Oral History Project

Maria and Niamh Reid

gaa oral history project

Maria and Niamh Reid
A photograph of Maria and Niamh Reid taken just after their interview with the GAA Oral History Project on the 5th August 2010.
© GAA Oral History Project

This interview with Maria and Niamh Reid was recorded in Co. Louth on the 5th August 2010. The sisters talk about their involvement with the GAA in Louth and playing for their local club, Cullen.

Maria and Niamh talk about their experiences playing both camogie and football in Louth and discuss the problems that the games face, such as lack of commitment, poor structures and not being prioritised by their clubs.

Niamh discusses her involvement with Louth County Board who she began working for at a relatively young age. She describes her experiences of attending meetings and her interactions with different members.

Towards the end of the interview Maria and Niamh put forward their belief that there is a strong need for improvement if ladies' football and camogie are to have a healthy future in Louth.

Click here to listen to the whole interview:

**This is quite a large file and may take several minutes to download. For slower internet connections, the interview has been split into smaller sections which are available by clicking on the links below**

Early GAA experiences and the Association in the community

The GAA in school and the club

Social aspects of the GAA

Playing for the county

Relationship between the codes in Louth

Niamh working for the County Board

Facilities for GAA in Cullen

Relationship between ladies' football and camogie

Lack of publicity for ladies' games

Importance of club identity

Problems they face

The founding of Mattock Rangers

Favourite GAA memories

Closing reflections