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Module IX: Workplace Exposures Can Affect Us As We Age

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Work can have a real and immediate impact on your health and wellbeing but stress in the workplace can affect your health—not just in the moment, but over the course of your life. In this module, research on earlier-life determinants of cognitive problems in later life will be reviewed, focusing on the impact of the workplace on older age. The phenomenon called cognitive reserve will be discussed and the presenter will review research regarding whether cognitive reserve can be built into adulthood as a result of workplace experience. The presenter will discuss the importance of understanding the earlier-life factors that contribute to older-age problems and addressing health risks in the workplace that can impact health in older adulthood.

Workplace Exposures Can Affect Us As We Age

Featuring Erika Sabbath, ScD, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work


Workplace Exposures Can Affect Us As We Age, Part 2

Featuring Erika Sabbath, ScD, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work




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