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Module III: Long-term Effects of Sexual Abuse on Men

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Pioneering research is now documenting that traumatic events from childhood can undermine various facets of men’s lives across the lifespan and into old age. Some of the domains include physical health, mental health, relationship satisfaction, quality of life, and others. Despite these emerging findings, a gulf seemingly exists between the research and practice worlds. The new knowledge has potential to inform the development of targeted interventions aimed at improving the health and well-being of men aged fifty and older. Drawing on multiple theoretical perspectives (e.g., lifespan, resilience, complex trauma, gender norms), this talk will focus on one particularly harmful traumatic event—childhood sexual abuse (CSA)—and explore the state of knowledge on men’s long-term mental health.  More specifically, it will present and interpret research findings of the three studies that revolved around: a) risk and protective factors for long-term mental distress, b) significant factors for post-traumatic growth after CSA, and c) barriers to disclosure of CSA. The talk will conclude with a discussion of evidence-informed interventions as well as suggestions for practice and future research. 

Long-term Effects of Sexual Abuse on Men

Featuring Dr. Scott Easton, Assistant Professor at the Boston College School of Social Work.