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Latin American Religiosity In and Outside Latin America

Panel Discussion

Panel: Latin American Religiosity In and Outside Latin America

about the event

Lived religion or “religiosidad vivida” is religion in action, in a particular cultural setting, as it is experienced and expressed by ordinary people in the context of their everyday lives. Dr. Gustavo Morello, S.J. of the sociology department, along with a team of researchers in Latin America, are conducting a cross-national study entitled, “The Transformation of Lived Religion in Urban Latin America: A Study of Contemporary Latin Americans’ Experience of the Transcendent,” with research sites in Uruguay, Peru, and Argentina. Site Directors for the study, Catalina Romero (Peru) and Nestor Da Costa (Uruguay), will be joined by Renée de la Torre (Mexico) and Verónica Roldán (Italy), to discuss how Latin Americans “live” religion in and outside Latin America. This is a Spanish-speaking event. 

This panel is part of a conference on Lived Religion and Latin America, co-sponsored by the sociology department, Latin American studies program, and the Jesuit Institute, and funded by the John Templeton Foundation as well as the Boston College Institute for Liberal Arts.


about the speakers

Catalina Romero

Dr. Catalina Romero is a professor of sociology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. She has been the principal investigator in Perú for the World Values Survey since the third wave in 1996. She received the Latin American Fellowship from the Guggenheim Foundation (2010) and was also a Public Policy Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (2010). Her work has been published in journals in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America. Romero has conducted life story research with 30 priests from the Society of Saint Columban priests (Romero & Elías, 2007) and most of her work on religion and religious civil society has utilized qualitative methods.

Nestor Da Costa

Dr. Nestor Da Costa has a PhD. in Sociology, specialized in Sociology of Religion. Dr. Da Costa works in the religion department of Catholic University of Uruguay where he teaches and conducts research. His main fields of research are secularization and "laicidad". He is also the former president of the Association of Researchers of Religion in Latin America.

Ángela Renée de la Torre Castellanos

Dr. Ángela Renée de la Torre Castellanos earned a PHD in social sciences, specializing in social anthropology, from CIESAS and University of Guadalajara. Since 1993, she has been working as a Researcher and Professor of anthropology at CIESAS (Research and Study Center of Social Anthropology) Occidente, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. She has level III membership of the national research institute (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores) and she is member of National Science Academy (Academia Nacional de las Ciencias). She is also the co-founder of a Network of Researchers of the Religious Phenomena in México (Red de Investigadores del Fenómeno Religoso en México, RIFEM).

Veronica Roldan

Dr. Verónica Roldán has a Ph.D. in Sociology and Methodology of Social Research. She is an Enabled Associate Professor in sociology of culture and communication and is also a professor of laboratory cultural and religious identity at the University Roma Tre in Rome, Italy.