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The Institute for the Liberal Arts

Renewed Core Proposal: Information


Please Note: The October 8, 2013 Town Hall meeting (mentioned below) has been postponed. Please check back for the rescheduled date. Thank you.


August 19, 2013


Dear Colleagues,


While we hope each of you has been enjoying a long and productive summer, the three of us have been continuing to work on the renewal of our undergraduate Core Curriculum. We’ve met regularly with Fr. Leahy since May and, at his request, we have prepared this new set of FAQs in order to respond to questions and concerns that have been expressed by faculty. 


As we work with the President toward approval of the renewed Core, we have been mindful of the inspiring contributions and suggestions of many faculty colleagues. We are gearing up for another semester of intensive work on the Core and we hope you will join us at our first Town Hall of the year at 4 pm on Tuesday October 8 in Gasson 100. There is much work that remains ahead of us and we’re excited to build on the achievements of the last academic year. Please let us know of any questions that you have beyond these FAQs.



Mary Crane, Director, Institute for the Liberal Arts
David Quigley, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Andy Boynton, Dean, Carroll School of Management


* Renewed-Core-Questions-08192013.pdf
Toward a Renewed Core – new set of FAQs, dated August 19, 2013.
* Toward a Renewed Core Aug 1.pdf
Toward a Renewed Core Proposal - updatede August 1, 2013.