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Afghanistan After 2014


Ze Frank offers a condensed timeline of Afghanistan from Genghis Khan to 9/11.

Photographer Jodi Bieber traveled to Afghanistan to shoot portraits of women there, from an Olympic athlete to politicians to a woman severely burned in a suicide attempt.

When it comes to difficult national policy issues, political decision making in Afghanistan is a complex mix of parliamentary democracy and tribal consultations. Sharon Behn reports on the role of the current Loya Jirga, or gathering of national elders, which is being held to advise the government on the terms of a bilateral security agreement with Washington. The video is from late November 2013.

Filmed by the team of women video journalists trained by Aina, "Afghanistan Unveiled" explores the effects of the Taliban's repressive rule and recent U.S.-sponsored bombing campaign on Afghani women. For the first time, Afghan women listened to women voicing their points of view and described their lives from the depths of their villages in Bamyan all the way to their fight around the voting process issue to have the right to sit in Parliament. The documentary is now part of the UNESCO's archives. This unique road movie is a beautiful hymn to freedom of expression.

An overview of how Afghanistan's terrain affects insurgency and counter-insurgency tactics.

An examination of the political impact of corruption in Afghanistan.

An analysis of Afghanistan's agrarian economy and its influence on the country's government and society.

A look at NATO use of advanced weaponry and the ramifications of collateral civilian casualties.