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2015 - Boston

International Symposium 2015 Program

The Jesuit tradition is an intriguing prism through which to look at many aspects of the Society of Jesus’s history and influence, whether explicitly through comparative studies, or by the grouping of studies around a given topical, chronological, or geographic focus. Scholarship on the Society of Jesus engages a staggering array of disciplines like art history, theology, literary studies, history of science, international law, military history, performing arts, and archeology. From another perspective, scholarship on Jesuits and their works intersects with many historical periods like the Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment, among others. The aim of the International Symposium on Jesuit Studies, sponsored by Boston College’s Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies, is to establish a platform for academic exchange that will stimulate scholars to cross the thematic and chronological boundaries of their research fields in order to reflect this interdisciplinary development.

Symposium Program