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Center for Human Rights and International Justice

M. Brinton Lykes


Ph.D., Boston College
M.Div., Harvard University


Psychosocial effects of state-sponsored terror and organized violence; human rights policy and mental health interventions; participatory action research and community-based strategies for change; immigration and effects of deportation on families and communities; gender, culture, and theories of the self


The Florence L. Denmark and Mary E. Reuder Award for Outstanding International Contributions to the Psychology of Women and Gender (Division 52-International Psychology) American Psychological Association, 2014

International Humanitarian Award, American Psychological Association (APA) 2013

Ignacio Martin-Baro Lifetime Peace Practitioner Award, Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict and Violence, (Division 48-Peace Psychology) American Psychological Association, 2012

Distinguished Publication Award, Association of Women in Psychology, 2010

Marion Langer Award for Distinction in Social Advocacy & the Pursuit of Human Rights, American Orthopsychiatric Association, 2007

Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa, Lewis & Clark College, June, 2005


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Lykes, M.B. & Hershberg, R.M. (2015).  Continuities and Discontinuities in Human Rights Violations:  Historically Situating the Psychosocial Effects of Migration.  Journal of Social Issues, 71(2). 244-263.  doi 10.1111/josi.12108.

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