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Center for Human Rights and International Justice




The Center's Graduate Seminar in Human Rights

Human Rights Interdisciplinary Seminar

(3 Credits in the Spring)
Prerequisites: Admission by instructor permission only.
Satisfies ABA Writing Requirement for Law Students
Instructor: Katie Young

In spring 2015, the seminar will be taught and organized by BC Professor of Law, and Center Affiliated Faculty member, Katie Young, with participation by the Directors, Fellows, and Affiliated Faculty of the Center for Human Rights and International Justice. It will develop an interdisciplinary understanding of—and responses to—the compelling human rights challenges of our times.

Spring 2015 seminar description:

The study of human rights defies disciplinary boundaries. This interdisciplinary seminar gathers students from across the graduate schools and professional programs of Boston College. The themes of the seminar will include the historical and philosophical origins of modern human rights; the categorizations of civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights; and international, regional, national and local methods of implementation and enforcement. The seminar will provide a rare space to examine these topics from multiple standpoints, and to allow for critical debate and, at times, disagreement. During several Spring sessions, the seminar will follow a colloquium format, and invited speakers will present works in progress to participants and attending faculty. Students will complete a take home examination (12 pages) and devise and lead a class presentation, and the level of participation in the colloquium will also be considered in grading. Students enrolled in the Center's Certificate program, or students receiving an extra writing credit, must also complete a research paper (20 pages).

The seminar will meet every Wednesday from 3:00 p.m. – 4:50 p.m. on the Newton campus and will include sessions with guest lecturers and CHRIJ associate directors and affiliated faculty. Students will be expected to attend all the seminar sessions and are encouraged to attend guest speaker presentations.

Application: Students wishing to apply for the seminar should submit a brief statement explaining their interest (no longer than 250 words) to with the subject-line "Human Rights Interdisciplinary Seminar". Please include your Eagle ID and academic discipline in the application.  The application deadline is Wednesday, November 5, 2014.