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Boston College Center for Work & Family

Media Coverage

Boston College Center for Work & Family

The Boston College Center for Work & Family is a frequent contributor to global conversations on work and life. Our experts are available to speak to the media about a variety of subjects. For a list of our senior staff and their areas of expertise, please click here. Contact for additional information.






 Get Away to Get Ahead: 5/31/2016   

Our findings on the positive impacts of vacation on physical and mental wellbeing as well as productivity and focus in the workplace are cited in this blog post, which provides helpful suggestions for summertime work-life balance.

Chicago Tribune Logo Beige.pngNew Frontier in Paid Parental Leave: Dads Get as Much Time Off as Moms: 5/12/2016

Our Executive Director, Brad Harrington, contributed his observations to this article on companies who are developing paid leave policies which treat all new parents equally.


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The Real Reason Dads Think Twice About Taking Parental Leave: 4/13/2016

Our New Dad findings are featured in this commentary on the risks that new fathers face in the workplace when taking on caregiving responsibilities.

Cosmo Logo Beige.png5 Things to Know About Having a Stay-at-Home Husband: 3/20/2016

Data from our study on millennials provide evidence of recent social changes for this author as he explores the experiences of “SAHHs”-- stay-at-home husbands.


Stop Worrying About "Job Hopping" Employees and Continue to Invest in Their Career Development
: 1/19/2016

This article dispels myths about millennial employees using our 2015 study and offers tips for maximizing retention, potential, and satisfaction to their employers.

Glamour Logo Beige.pngThe No. 1 Thing Millennials Want From Their Jobs: Work-Life Balance: 12/3/2015

Glamour highlights our research in this discussion of the work-life values of millennial professionals.


Bostoncom Logo Beige.png Why Older Workers Think Millennials Aren't Good Managers: 11/11/2015

Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. workforce- read about intergenerational misunderstandings and how to rectify them in this article, which draws on our 2015 study.  


 The Trouble with Parental Leave: 11/11/2015

This author was inspired to write on the complexities and inequities of parental leave policies by a conference breakout session led by our Executive Director Brad Harrington.


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 How Hard Should You Push for Paternity Leave? 10/24/2015

Which presidential candidates are weighing in on parental leave? What are they saying about it? Why should you care? How can you learn more and get involved in the push for paid paternity leave? This piece offers answers to these questions and more using our information from our study on millennial dads and quotations from our Executive Director Brad Harrington.


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 Paid Leave for Moms and Dads: Reporter's Notebook: 9/16/2015

Explore the challenges which companies face when adding and extending paid parental leave policies and practices used by large companies to address those challenges. This feature makes use of data from our surveys, given through partner employers and social media, to analyze how leave policies are received and utilized.


WSJ Logo Beige.png Dealing with the 'Daddy Track': Men Face Challenges Going Part Time: 9/1/2015

Brad Harrington comments in this piece on the stigma and isolation that many working fathers face when they attempt to move toward  part-time work or work nontraditional hours.


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