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Boston College Center for Work & Family

Executive Education Workshops

Boston College Center for Work & Family


The Boston College Center for Work & Family (BCCWF) is recognized as a global leader in bridging cutting edge academic research and corporate practice. It is now proud to bring its more than 20 years of research and applied experience in the area of employee engagement and effective workforce practices to its Executive Education Workshops: Leading the Contemporary Workforce.

Faculty members for Leading the Contemporary Workforce have unique expertise in developing and facilitating workshops for corporations, professional service organizations, and governmental entities and non-profit institutions on topics that are critical to developing an engaged and productive workplace, and building successful teams. These customized educational programs are offered on-site at your organization and can be tailored to meet the specific interests and needs of all levels of leadership and employee professionals. Workshops can be offered as a webinar, a partial day or a full-day session.

Workplaces which offer a minimum of four of the Executive Education Wokshop programs will receive a Leading the Contemporary Workforce Certificate from the Boston College Center for Work & Family.


Workshop offerings include:

Implementing Workplace Flexibility: Faced with current economic challenges, organizations are seeking to manage costs, improve productivity and retain their most valued employees. Flexibility is a tool that can be utilized to accomplish all of these goals. This course is designed for Human Resource professionals and managers who are seeking to implement, formalize or expand flexible work arrangements in their organization.

Managing Change: Change is a fact of life in contemporary organizations. Regardless of the sector you work in (e.g. business, health care, education, etc.) the rules of operating have changed. This workshop will provide organizational change agents with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of change and will introduce a seven-step change process that will help you learn how to successfully lead and facilitate change in your own organizations.  

Women’s Advancement: Navigating Career and Leadership Success: While women now make up approximately half of the workforce, their success in joining the leadership ranks has been slow to follow. This workshop provides professionals the compass they need to navigate the workplace and their career successfully. A companion course focuses on how workplace leaders can help remove institutional barriers to success.

Managing a Global/Remote Workforce: The new economy requires collaboration across geographies. This workshop provides techniques for maintaining productive, cohesive remote teams that work together to meet goals and business objectives. We will discuss the intricacies of managing work teams across borders and discuss strategies for effective collaboration. This workshop can be customized to emphasize techniques for leading remote teams or global/cross-cultural teams.

Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce: As more members of the Millennial Generation (also called Gen Y) graduate and enter the workforce, the result is the largest intergenerational workplace in history. This practical program will offer specific guidance for implementing effective strategies to ensure successful inter-generational teamwork and promote continued institutional excellence.

Managing in the New Inclusive Workplace: Understanding and Addressing Unconscious Bias: As we move to more diverse, global and inclusive workplaces, it is imperative to understand the unconscious bias that may inhibit our ability to effectively interact with others. This training program has been designed to help managers to recognize the impact of unconscious bias and provide recommendations for creating a model process to help correct for bias in the assignment and evaluation process and to develop a fully inclusive workplace.

Career Management and Work-Life Integration: Achieving success in one’s professional endeavors and personal pursuits are the key elements in leading a meaningful life. In today’s dynamic world, succeeding in both spheres requires two critical competencies, a clear sense of identity and the adaptability to respond to changing professional and personal circumstances. This workshop introduces attendees to a structured self-assessment process that will guide them to a greater awareness of their work and life priorities, maximizing their chances of success in both arenas.

The Changing Role of Fathers in the Workplace: Changing gender dynamics in the workplace and in contemporary families have provided challenges and opportunities for men. These shifting roles require organizations to recognize that men also have work-life needs, although few have acknowledged and addressed this issue. This workshop will provide a framework and recommendations for identifying the unique needs of men within your organization and ensuring that they receive the support needed to continue their success at work and at home.

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