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Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy

Call for Submissions

A constitutional democracy is characterized by:

  • A government under the rule of law
  • Equal and just application of law
  • The existence of free and fair elections
  • A functioning free market which promotes an open exchange of ideas and goods
  • The ability for all citizens to participate in the government
  • Protected rights of the minority and the individual

The topic of constitutional democracy is far broader than is commonly thought. We are interested in reading any and all papers on topics that relate to the ideas described in our mission statement:

To provide a forum for interdisciplinary reflection on the promise and problems ofconstitutional democracy both domestically and internationally.

As noted above, The Clough Journal wishes to engage in an interdisciplinary reflection. Thus, submissions relating to constitutional democracy in the fields of history, philosophy, economics, political science, sociology, and others are welcome and encouraged.

Papers that would pertain to constitutional democracy could be about the following topics

  • How economic changes affect a nation
  • Legal issues within a democracy
  • The interpretation, execution, or creation of laws
  • How different institutions within a democracy interact with each other and their citizens
  • Conflicts between democracies

...and many more topics

Submission Guidelines:

Formatting Guidelines

  • Submissions should be 1,500 to 5,000 words in length
  • The Clough Journal uses Chicago Citation Style. However, we accept submissions with other styles as well. Those submissions will be re-formatted to conform to Chicago Citation Style.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Any current undergraduate student, at a universtiy in the United States or abroad, is eligible to submit his/her work to The Clough Journal
  • The submission must be credited to the student or students who have completed the work
  • Any work that has been published in another academic journal is not eligible to be submitted
  • Submissions can include but are not limited to: research papers, papers written for a class, chapters of a thesis, and many others.
  • The student will be notified whether their submission has been accepted. After acceptance, The Clough Journal will edit each article for content and grammar, and authors will be notified of changes to their works before publication.

If you are interested in being published in our undergraduate-only academic journal, please submit to the Clough Journal at

The Submission Deadline for our Fall 2013 Issue is November 22.