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The Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy

Clough Graduate Workshop: Spring 2019

clough center for the study of constitutional democracy

Clough Graduate Workshop title image showing the exterior of 10 Stone Ave

Tuesdays at Noon • 10 Stone Avenue, Room 201 • Boston College

This workshop offers a forum for Clough Graduate Fellows, from an array of disciplines, to present research and receive critical feedback from other graduate students. By invitation only. For details, email

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Presenters & Topics: spring 2019

JAN 15
Selene Campion, Political Science
The Politics of Goods Provision: Explaining Clientelistic Variation in Western Europe

JAN 22
Maheen Haider, Sociology
Aspirational Mobility of the High Skilled Immigrant

JAN 29

Colin McConarty, History
“A Final Solution of the Negro Question”: Militarization, Imperialism, and the End of Reconstruction in America

S. Kyle Johnson, Theology
Race and the Mystical Body of Christ

FEB 12
Alexander Somek, Outside Speaker -  University of Vienna
Unpopular Sovereignty

FEB 19
Michael McLean, History
Power on the Plains: Dakota Territory during the Civil War and Reconstruction

FEB 26
Jaclyn Carrol, Sociology
“All this Regulatory Uncertainty in the Air”: An Unconventional Case of Public Participation

MAR 12
Jamie Draper, Outside Speaker - University of Reading: Responsibility and Climate-Induced Displacement 

MAR 19
Jonathan Yudelman, Political Science  Thomas Hobbes and the Inauguration of Modern Politics

MAR 26
Laura Gáti, Economics
Informativeness versus Persuasion: Dynamic Central Bank Communication with Correlated Fundamentals

Krisztina Horvath, Economics
Adverse Selection and Switching Costs in Health Insurance Marketplaces: Using Nudges to Fight the Death Spiral

Hessam Dehghani, Philosophy
Pilgrimage of Hajj: The Case of the Islamic Community

APR 16
Robert Elliot, Theology 
Theology and Sovereignty

APR 23
Cedrick-Michael Simmons, Sociology
Racial Responsibilization: How Administrators Use Race and Exploitation to Resolve Complaints about Racism

APR 30
Pierre De Leo, Economics
International Spillovers and the Exchange Rate Channel of Monetary Policy