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The Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy

Clough Graduate Workshop: Fall 2018

clough center for the study of constitutional democracy

Clough Graduate Workshop title image showing the exterior of 10 Stone Ave

Tuesdays at Noon • 10 Stone Avenue, Room 201 • Boston College

This workshop offers a forum for Clough Graduate Fellows, from an array of disciplines, to present research and receive critical feedback from other graduate students. By invitation only. For details, email

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Presenters & Topics: fall 2018

SEP 18
Emily Kulenkamp, Political Science
Great Power Alliances and Regime Type

SEP 25
Patrick CoatarPeter, Sociology
International Environmental Governance in Chile: World Society and Governmentality Perspectives


Isaiah Sterrett, History
Inside the Blue Pig’: Children, Moral Contamination, and the Edwardian State

OCT 16
Stephanie Edwards, Theology
Pharmaceutical Memory Modification and Christianity's 'Dangerous' Memory

OCT 23
Krisztina Horvath, Economics
Adverse Selection and Switching Costs in Health Insurance Marketplaces: Using Nudges to Fight the Death Spiral

OCT 30
Amelia Wirts, Philosophy/Law
'Himpathy' and Intersectionality: Non-Ideal Theory and Feminist Praxis

Alex Moskowitz, English
Imperception: Economic and Otherwise

NOV 13
David Sessions, History
The Era of the Organizers: Managerial Revolution Between New York and Paris (1945-1950)

NOV 27
Maheen Haider, Sociology
Adaptation Strategies of the High Skilled Non-White, Muslim Immigrant in the American Mainstream