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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

Political Philosophy: Events

boisi center for religion and american public life


Blasphemy, Free Speech and Journalistic Ethics
Gambling and The American Moral Landscape
Fullbright: Fullbright American Studies Institute on Religion in Contemporary America: Church, State and Society


2008 Election Town Hall
• Catholics and the 2008 Election
Ethical Responsibilities toward Forced Migrants as a Framework for Advocacy: African Perspectives
Family, Religion and Politics: Understanding Gender Differences in Participation
• Gay Marriage in Theology, Law and Politics
Polarization in America: The Tanner Lectures on Human Values at Harvard University
Red and Blue Nation? Political Polarization in America
Reflections on the Upcoming 2004 Presidential Election
Reinventing the Melting Pot: The New Immigrants and What It Means To Be American
Religious Freedom and the Pledge of Allegiance
• "The Theocons" in American Public Life
What Do We Owe the Iraqis?


2005: Religious Diversity and the Common Good
2007: Religious Diversity and the Common Good


Ammerman, Nancy: Voluntary and Diverse: American Religion and American Society
• An-Na'im, Abdullahi: American Secularism for American Muslims: Challenges and Prospects
• Bilder, Mary Sarah: Madison's Hand: Remembering the Constitutional Convention (Thoughts on the History of the Book and the Catholic Intellectual Traditions)
Braude, Ann: The Faith of Feminists: Religion in the National Organization for Women
Brochmann, Grete: Immigration & the Scandinavian Welfare State
Burgard, Stephen: The Press and Faith Based Politics
Chacon, Richard: Religion, Foreign Policy, and the Media in a Post 9-11 Context
Chappell, David: A Stone of Hope: Prophetic Religion and the Death of Jim Crow
Christensen, Clayton: Mormons in American Politics
Demerath, Jay: Crossing the Gods: World Religions and Worldly Politics
DiIulio, John: "Yes, God Is Real": A Born-Again Public Intellectual Reflects on Catholic Faith in Reason and Community
Dierickx, Guido: Religion in a Deliberative Society: What really happened to us in the era of speculation
Edwards, Mark: Time to Talk about 'Private' Belief and 'Public' Scholarship
Etzioni, Amitai: The Role of Soft Religions in Democratization
Faulkner, Baroness Kishwer: Western Muslims and Integration: Challenges and Opportunities
Harris, Grove: The Pluralism Project: Research and Opportunities
Hart, Gary: Restoration of the Republic: The Jeffersonian Ideal in the 21st Century
Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations: Religion & Public Policy Research Colloquium Series
Hehir, Bryan: Order, War and Terrorism: Drawing Moral Lines
Hollenbach, David: The Common Good
Howard, Tal: American Religion in the European Mind: From Georg W. Hegel to George W. Bush
Isacson, Ole: Advances in Stem Cell Research
Islamic Center of Boston: Religion and Modernization
Kanstroom, Dan: Deportation Nation: Outsider in American History
Kennedy Townsend, Kathleen: Failing America's Faithful, The 7th Annual Prophetic Voices of the Church Lecture
Lacorne, Denis: French Perceptions of Religion in America: from Voltaire to Régis Debray
Lawrence, Jonathan: Integrating Islam in France (and Europe)
Levitt, Peggy: Redefining the Boundaries of Belonging
Lipset, Seymour M.: Religion, Class and Politics in the United States
Madigan, Arthur: Religious Commitment and Secular Reason
Maney, Patrick: The Roosevelt Legacy: How FDR Shaped the Modern Presidency
Mathewes, Charles: Author Meets Critics: A Theology of Public Life
Minow, Martha: Just Schools?
Mouw, Richard: Evangelical Protestants in the Public Square: Drawbacks and Opportunities
Noonan, John T.: The Lustre of Our Country: Why Religious Freedom is Foundational for Country and Church
O'Brien, David: The Role of Catholic Universities in American Public Life
O'Connor, Tom: Bishops and Bosses: Changing Trends in Church-State Relations in Boston
Osterman, Paul: Gathering Power: Future of Progressive Politics in USA
Prodromou, Elizabeth: God Is Not Neutral: Religion and U. S. Foreign Policy after the Cold War
Skidelsky, Lord Robert: Economics and Ethics: Keynes on the Purpose of Economic Activity and the Justice of Economic Exchanges
Stewart, Matthew: The Courtier and the Heretic: Leibniz, Spinoza, and the Fate of God in the Modern World
Student Advisory Panel: Is Gambling Good for Massachusetts?
Swaine, Lucas: The Legacy of Theocracy: Discord in the Public Realm
Townes, Emilie: Womanist Ethics and the Cultural Production of Evil
Walker Center for Global Mission Ecumenical Exchange: The Role of Religion and Faith in Political Life
Wallis, Jim: God's Politics after Katrina: Faith and Hope in Public Life
Wolfe, Alan: American Greatness: How the U.S. Lost, and Can Regain, Its Sense of Purpose