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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

Islam: Events

boisi center for religion and american public life


Blasphemy, Free Speech and Journalistic Ethics


The Future of American Religion: A Conversation about Two Books
•  Headscarves and Holy Days: Should the Law Make Exceptions?
Lived Religion Workshop


2005: Religious Diversity and the Common Good
2007: Religious Diversity and the Common Good


Ammerman, Nancy: Voluntary and Diverse: American Religion and American Society
• An-Na'im, Abdullahi: American Secularism for American Muslims: Challenges and Prospects
Banuazizi, Ali: Reflections on Political Islam After September 11
Bloom, Jonathan: Presenting Islam
Braude, Benjamin: The Abrahamic Attitudes Towards Racism and Slavery: Is Religion Moral?
Chacon, Richard: Religion, Foreign Policy, and the Media in a Post 9-11 Context
Demerath, Jay: Crossing the Gods: World Religions and Worldly Politics
Faulkner, Baroness Kishwer: Western Muslims and Integration: Challenges and Opportunities
Feldman, Shai: Current Developments in Middle Eastern Politics and Religion
Harris, Grove: The Pluralism Project: Research and Opportunities
Hehir, Bryan: Order, War and Terrorism: Drawing Moral Lines
Helmick, Ray: Prospects for Peace in the Middle East
Jacobs, Seth: Combating 'Evildoers' in the Developing World: Eisenhower's Vietnam to Bush's Iraq
Lawrence, Jonathan: Integrating Islam in France (and Europe)
Marty, Martin: The Logic of Fundamentalism: Comparing Movements After September 11
McCoy, John: Blasphemy in Ink: The Danish Mohammed Cartoons and their Fallout
Morris, James: "Ways of Knowing:" Re-integrating Spirituality in the Catholic University and Liberal Arts
Sells, Michael: The Struggle for the Soul of Islam: Inclusive and Exclusive Tendencies Since September 11
Skerry, Peter: Muslims in the United States
Soroush, Abdolkarim: Faith, Reason and Democracy in Islam
Toth, James: Local Islam Gone Global: The Roots of Religious Militancy in Egypt and Its Transnational Transformation
Ul-Huda, Qamar: Unholy War in Islam