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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life


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On the Book

Matata, JP Mukengeshayi. "Endo Shusaku˅s Novels and Religious Pluralism. A reply to Prof. Emi Mase-Hasegawa." Inter-Religion, 43. 2003.

On the Jesuit Missionaries

Yu, Doris. "Silence": The True Story of the Jesuits in Japan.

On Scorsese and the Film

Ucerler, M. Antoni J., "Martin Scorsese Brings ‘Silence’ To The Big Screen: A Story of Faith And Betrayal In 17th-century Japan."

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From the Panelists

Rappo, Hitomi Omata, review of Silence

Rappo, Hitomi Omata, From the distant Indies to the scenes of colleges: the reflections of the Japanese Martyrs in Europe (16th - 18th century) / Des Indes lointaines aux scènes des collèges : les reflets des martyrs de la mission asiatique en Europe (XVIᵉ - XVIIIᵉ siècle), Münster: Aschendorf/Paris: Cerf, 2017 (forthcoming book)

Rappo, Hitomi Omata, "The Adventures of "Martyrdom" between Asia and Europe, or the Vagaries of Translation / Les aventures de « martyre » entre l’Asie et l’Europe ou les aléas de la traduction", IN: The Mélanges de l’École française de Rome - Italie et Méditerranée modernes et contemporaines (MEFRIM), n. 129, 2017

Rappo, Hitomi Omata, "The Quest for relics thorough the Mission in Japan (XVIᵗʰ -XVIIIᵗʰ century) / La quête des reliques dans la mission du Japon (XVIᵉ -XVIIIᵉ siècle)", IN: Archives des Sciences Sociales des Religions (ASSR), n. 177, april 2017

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