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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

The Ethics of Citizenship in the Trump Era

luncheon colloquium

DC March

Erik Owens
Boston College

Date: Tuesday, April 11
Time: 12:00 pm
Location: The Boisi Center, 24 Quincy Road

Abstract: What does it mean to be an American citizen in the Trump era? What vision of citizenship is the Trump Administration modeling, celebrating, and codifying? And what vision of citizenship is Trump inspiring or strengthening among those who resist his vision? At the final Boisi Center lunch colloquium of the year, Owens will discuss alternative visions of good citizenship, and the religious and moral resources we can bring to bear upon them.

Headshot of Erik Owens

Erik Owens is interim director of the Boisi Center and associate professor of the practice in theology and international studies at Boston College. His research explores a variety of intersections between religion and public life, with particular attention to the challenge of fostering the common good of a religiously diverse society. His interdisciplinary scholarship bridges the fields of theological ethics, political philosophy, law, education, international studies, and public policy. 



Elizabeth Harris of the New York Times recently discussed how civic engagement and protest are spreading to the next generations of citizens. Erik Owens, interim director of the Boisi Center, will discuss civilty, public action, and shifting ideals of citizenship on April 11.