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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

What Now? Having Difficult Conversations in Our Community

student town hall

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Featuring students Catherine Cole, Sara Elzeini, and Maura Lester McSweeney

Date: Thursday, March 16
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Lyons Hall 202

Abstract: Now, more than ever, dialogue between people of different political persuasions is crucial. But how can we talk to each other in ways that recognize our fears for the present and hopes for the future? 

Join us for a town hall forum addressing the tumultuous times ahead and how we can talk to each other openly and honestly. 

Catherine Cole

Catherine Cole is a senior in the Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences. She is majoring in political science and Islamic civilization and societies, with a minor in music. On campus, she runs Al Noor, the Middle Eastern Studies journal, and Project Swim, a club that provides swimming lessons for children with disabilities. Catherine's other experiences include internships with Speaker Paul Ryan's office, the House Homeland Security Committee, and Governor Charlie Baker's campaign.

Sara Elzeini

Sara Elzeini is a junior in the Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences, majoring in communications and concentrating in management and leadership. She's active in the AHANA community, being a part of many culture clubs on campus, as well as a part of many activism initiatives on campus. She hopes to combine her studies of communication with her love of activism to better the BC community and the community at large.

Maura Lester McSweeney

Maura Lester McSweeney is a senior in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences. She is a perspectives major and international studies minor. Maura is a part of CRS Student Ambassadors and has been organizing political advocacy workshops with them for different student groups throughout the semester.

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Facing History and Ourselves's piece, "We Need to Talk," was featured in the New York Times. For more information on having difficult conversations, click here!