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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

The Boisi Center was pleased to host visiting scholar David Cowan during the spring 2014 semester. Cowan is a senior tutor in politics and religion at King’s Evangelical Divinity School, and an approved tutor at the University of Chester, both in the U.K. In addition, he has over twenty-five years of experience working as a communications advisor for companies and organizations throughout the world.

At the Boisi Center, Cowan researched diplomacy and communicating religion in American foreign policy, with a focus on Christianity and Islam. His latest book, Strategic Internal Communication, is also being published this spring.

Cowan headlined two Boisi Center events this semester. At a March lunch talk he explored how new technology and social media affect discourse on matters of reli- gion and faith. In April he lectured at the business school about business ethics in Saudi Arabia, drawing from his own long experience as a communications consultant in the gulf state.