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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

The Legal and Religious Status of Women in Nigerian Society

Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life


Further Reading

Text of an interview with Ibrahim from the PBS Frontline World Series: "Nigerian Women Speak Out."

Ibrahim talks about the case of Amina Lawal, her past and experience as a female lawyer amidst the realities of Nigerian society.

An Atlantic Monthly article, by Eliza Griswold, March 2008, entitled "God's Country."

Griswold describes the battles of Christianity and Islam in the Nigerian context, as well as the promises and attempts each makes to recruit new believers.

Dancing on the Brink, by Ambassador John Campbell.

John Campbell explores Nigeria's post-colonial history and presents a nuanced explanation of the events and conditions that have carried it to the brink of state failure, ending with suggestions of how we can help.


In the News

Nigeria: Politics at a Pivotal Moment, by Peter M. Lewis of Johns Hopkins University (, 14 March 2011).

The Council on Foreign Relations Religion and Policy Series: Electoral and Religious Conflict in Africa, by Erik Owens from the Huffington Post, Dec 1st, 2010.

Nigeria's role in Africa in the next 50 years, by Amb. Robin Renee Sanders, the U.S. ambassador to Nigeria, from the Huffington Post, Dec 1st, 2010.

Governor Weeps as Women Protest in Jos, from Nigeria News, Feb 1st, 2011.