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What Has HIV/AIDS Led Us To Understand about Global Ethical Challenges?

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Articles and Books

"Four of the Tasks for Theological Ethics in a Time of HIV/AIDS," Regina Ammicht-Quinn and Hille Haker, ed., AIDS. (Concilium 3/2007) (London: SCM Press, 2007) 64-74.

“Educating in a Time of HIV/AIDS: Learning from the Legacies of Human Rights, the Common Good, and the Works of Mercy,” Opening Up: Speaking Out in the Church, Julian Filochowski and Peter Stanford, ed., (London:Darton Longman & Todd, 2005) 95-113.

“Developments in Bioethics from the Perspective of HIV/AIDS,” Cambridge Quarterly of HealthCare Ethics, 14.4, (2005) 416-423.

“The Language of Human Rights and Social Justice in the Face of HIV/AIDS,” (with Jon Fuller)  Budhi: A Journal of Ideas and Culture. 8.1-2 (2004) 211-233. 

Virtues for Ordinary Christians (Sheed and Ward, 1996).

Catholic Ethicists on HIV/AIDS Prevention edited, assisted by Lisa Sowle Cahill, Jon Fuller, and Kevin Kelly (Continuum, 2000).

Jesus and Virtue Ethics: Building Bridges Between New Testament Studies and Moral Theology with Daniel Harrington, (Sheed and Ward, 2002).

Moral Wisdom: Lessons and Texts from the Catholic Tradition (Sheed and Ward, 2004).

The Works of Mercy: The Heart of Catholicism Second Edition (Lanham, Md.: Sheed and Ward, 2007).

External Links

A review and summary of Father Keenan’s Catholic Ethicists on HIV/AIDS Prevention
by Cristoph Benn in the Ecumenical Review

A review of Father Keenan’s Jesus and Virtue Ethics:
Building Bridges Between New Testament Studies and Moral Theology.
by Mark S. Latkovic of Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit

Educating in a Time of HIV/AIDS
a videorecording of a 2005 lecture at BC by Father Keenan. In this lecture he explains how two disciplines have had to rethink their conceptual framework in their attempt to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS: In public health, this means a greater focus on human rights, while in Catholic bioethics, there is a new emphasis on social justice.

The International AIDS Conference in Bangkok: Two Views
From America magazine, the national Catholic weekly, in 2004 – Father Keenan and Jon Fuller on the ethical and scientific perspectives on the International AIDS Conference

Learning from SARS: Preparing for the Next Disease Outbreak