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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

Scientific Knowledge and Faith

boisi center for religion and american public life

Further Reading:




Walter Isaacson’s article on “Einstein and Faith” for Time Magazine, April 5, 2007 can be read here.


Paul Davies writes for The New York Times in an Op-Ed about the nature of science as one of faith.  The piece, from November 24, 2007, can be read here.


Richard Gray writes for The Telegraph about a new film that discusses science and faith.  The article and film review from March 16, 2009 can be found here.




William H. Chalker, Science and Faith: Understanding Meaning, Method, and Truth (Westminster John Knox Press, 2006).  Read excerpts from and compare vendors at Google Books here.


For an interesting look at how far science and faith theories have come, peruse Harvey Goodwin’s Walks in the Regions of Science and Faith: A Series of Essays, from 1883.  Excerpts and retailers provided here.


Nancy H. Frankenberry provides a glimpse at how scientists reconcile their work with their faith in The Faith of Scientists: In Their Own Words (Princeton University Press, 2008).  Excerpts and retailers provided here.




One of the most famous scientists of all time struggled with faith.  Read Albert Einstein’s writings on religion and science here.


The Templeton Foundation studies all manner of subjects related to the “big questions” of science, including issues of religion and faith.  Browse the website here.