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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

Spring 2004 Events

boisi center for religion and american public life


Voluntary and Diverse: American Religion and American Society
Nancy Ammerman
Theology and Sociology, Boston University
January 28, 2004
24 Quincy Road, Boisi Center

Reinventing the Melting Pot: The New Immigrants and What It Means To Be American
Panel discussion on the new book edited by Tamar Jacoby
February 9, 2004
Fulton Hall 230

American Jesus: How the Son of God Became an American Icon
Stephen Prothero Religion, Boston University
February 10, 2004
24 Quincy Road, Boisi Center

French Perceptions of Religion in America: from Voltaire to RĂ©gis Debray
Denis Lacorne, Directeur de recherche, Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Internationales
February 23, 2004
24 Quincy Road, Boisi Center

Faith in Boston: How Congregations Confront the Changing Urban Structure
Lowell Livezey, Harvard Divinity School
March 9, 2004
24 Quincy Road, Boisi Center

The Role of Soft Religions in Democratization
Amitai Etzioni, Professor of Sociology, George Washington University and Director of the Communitarian Network
McGuinn 5th floor lounge
March 19, 2004

Being the Hands of God: the Jewish call to Social Justice
Third Annual Prophetic Voices in the American Churches Lecture

Rabbi David Saperstein, Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
March 23, 2004
Fulton 511

When Families Demand Treatment the Physician Believes Inappropriate: New Challenges in End-of-Life Care
John Paris, Theology, Boston College
March 24, 2004
24 Quincy Road, Boisi Center

Virtuous Sexual Ethics
Jim Keenan Gasson Chair, Theology, Boston College
April 6, 2004
24 Quincy Road, Boisi Center

Economic Spirituality: Integrating Who You Are With What You Buy
Tom Beaudoin, Theology, Boston College
April 21, 2004
24 Quincy Road, Boisi Center

Reflections on the Upcoming 2004 Presidential Election
Moderated by Alan Wolfe, Director of the Boisi Center
    E.J. Dionne, Brookings Institute
    Elaine Kamarck, Harvard University
April 26, 2004
College Honors Library, Gasson Hall

A Stone of Hope: Prophetic Religion & Death of Jim Crow
Professor David Chappell, History, University of Arkansas
April 28, 2004
24 Quincy Road, Boisi Center