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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

Pelagius and Augustine: A Contemporary Take on an Ancient Controversy

Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life


Further Reading

B.R. Rees, Pelagius, Life and Letters, Woodbridge, The Boydell Press, 1998. A critical study of Pelagius to date, together with a selection of his letters.

Saint Augustine, Confessions, Oxford, Oxford UP, 1991. In this intensely personal narrative, Augustine relates his rare ascent from a humble Algerian farm to the edge of the corridors of power at the imperial court in Milan, his struggle against the domination of his sexual nature, his renunciation of secular ambition and marriage, and the recovery of the faith his mother Monica had taught him during his childhood.

Peter Brown, Augustin of Hippo, A Biography, Berkeley and Los Angeles, University of California Press, 2000. A classic biography of Saint Augustine's life and teaching, first published thirty years ago.

François Flahault, Le crépuscule de Prométhée, Paris, Mille et une nuits, 2008.


Related Books by Tzvetan Todorov

Hope and Memory
, Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2003. Identifying totalitarianism as the major innovation of the twentieth century, Tzvetan Todorov examines the struggle between this system and democracy and its effects on human life and consciousness.

The Fear of Barbarians
, Chicago, Chicago University Press, 2010.Todorov offers a reasoned and often highly personal analysis of the tension between Western democracies and Islam. His analysis is rooted in Enlightenment values and yet open to the claims of cultural difference.