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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

Religion in America: A Political History

Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

further reading


Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, Chicago and London, University of Chicago Press, 2000 [1840]. A discussion on the nature of American institutions and life.


Philip Hamburger, The Separation of Church and State, Harvard University Press, 2002. Hamburger argues that the separation of church and state has no historical foundation in the First Amendment and that separation only became part of American constitutional law much later.


Conrad Cherry, God's New Israel: Religious Interpretations of American Destiny, The UNC Press, 1998. A collection of thirty-one readings that trace the theme of American destiny under God through major developments in US history.

Bernard-Henri Lévy, American Vertigo: Traveling America in the Foot prints of Tocqueville, Random House, 2006. In the tradition of Tocqueville, Lévy travels through America seeking answers to questions such as what it means to be an American and what America can be today.


Jonathan Laurence and Justin Vaisse, Integrating Islam: Political and Religious Challenges in Contemporary France, Brookings Institution Press, 2006. The authors paint a comprehensive portrait of Muslims in France, making a case for the integration of the two and arguing that French Islam is slowly replacing Islam in France.


Geoffrey Stone, "The World of Framers: A Christian Nation?", UCLA Law Review, 2008. An examination of the beliefs of the Framers such as what they thought about Christianity, its role in the American nation, and the relationship between religion and self-governance.



Denis Lacorne's article in the Huffington Post, Breaking Down the Wall of Separation from JFK to Santorum and Romney



Religion in America
is a collaborative blog about the history of American religion, written primarily by a small group of graduate students.


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