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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

Interrogation Policy after Osama bin Laden

Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life


Further Reading

Carle, Glenn. 2011. The Interrogator: An Education. Nation Books. The Interrogator leads the reader through the underworld of the Global War on Terror, asking us to consider the professional and personal challenges faced by an intelligence officer during a time of war, and the ways in which war alters our institutions and American society.


Levinson, Sanford. "In Quest Of a Common 'Conscience':  Reflections on the Current Debate about Torture," in Journal of National Security Law & Policy 1:231-252 (2005). Levinson takes up the phenomenon of “torture lite” and the ways, if any, that it fits into our ordinary legal (and moral) analysis.


Levinson, Sanford. "Slavery and the Phenomenology of Torture," Social Research 74:149-168 (2007). In this article, Levinson argues that the basic legal and moral issues raised by slavery and torture are similar and explores disagreement about the content of the concept of torture.


Torture: A Collection. 2006. ed. Sanford Levinson. Oxford University Press. In this collection, the authors grapple with whether the moral legitimacy of torture in extreme cases should receive legal sanction, or whether a disjunction between law and morality is preferable.



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