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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

Democracy (For Me): Religious and Secular Beliefs in Turkey and Liberal Democracy


Further Reading:


"Media Values and Democratization: What Unites and What Divides Religious-Conservative and Pro-Secular Elites?" by Murat Somer, Turkish Studies 11(4), December 2010: 555–577.

"Does It Take Democrats to Democratize? Lessons From Islamic and Secular
Elite Values in Turkey,
" by Murat Somer, Comparative Political Studies 44(5): 512-545.

"Democracy (For Me): Religious and Secular Beliefs and Social and Political Pluralism in Turkey" by Murat Somer, 2009. (Publication info forthcoming.)

"Moderate Islam and Secularist Opposition in Turkey: implications for the world, Muslims and secular democracy" by Murat Somer, 2007.

"Resurgence and Remaking of Identity: Civil Beliefs, Domestic and External Dynamics, and the Turkish Mainstream Discourse on Kurds" by Murat Somer, 2005.

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