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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

Torture: Is it Always Wrong?

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Articles and Books

Theology Department Now “Himes Square”
Boston College Chronicle article from 2004 about Fr. Kenneth Himes’ arrival as chair of Theology, joining his brother, Rev. Michael Himes, on the BC theology faculty.

Hard Questions About Just War
Fr. Himes’ article in America magazine, a Catholic weekly, discussing the concept of Just War.

Why not torture terrorists? – Boston Globe, March 20, 2005
Jeff Jacoby column in the Boston Globe condemning and advocating against the use of harsh interrogation techniques against suspected Al-Qaida terrorists, saying “torture is never worth it.”

Pain of Torture Can Make Innocent Seem Guilty – Science Daily, Oct. 28, 2009
Report on a Harvard study indicating that reacting to the pain of torture can make innocent people seem guilty

Religious Dimensions of the Torture Debate – Pew Forum for Religion and Public Life
Pew survey on attitudes toward torture broken down by religious affiliation.

Why We Ban Torture – Washington Post, April 28, 2009
Richard Cohen column argues that even though America should not torture, using it is effective, and giving up its use makes us less safe

Torture? No. Except… - Washington Post, May 1, 2009
Charles Krauthammer column saying that despite torture’s evils, it should be permissible in certain ‘ticking time bomb’ scenarios; those opposed to it at all times are being dogmatic.

Study: Torture damages brain, leading to misinformation – USA Today, Sept. 23, 2009
Article discusses a study in the journal Trends in Cognitive Science indicating that torture could lead to misinformation