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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

2012-2013 Symposium on Religion and Politics

Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

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The Boisi Center is pleased to offer opportunities for students, staff, alumni, and faculty to come together to discuss the relationship between religion and politics in the United States. Participants read short texts from seminal thinkers in American politics and discuss current events in the light of these texts. This year's theme is religious freedom. Click here for information on past symposia.

THE 2012-2013 STUDENT

Religious Freedom in America

What is religious freedom? What is its proper role and scope in the United States? How do various interpretations of this freedom affect law, policy, and politics in American public life?

This non-credit reading and discussion group is open to undergraduate and graduate students in any school at Boston College.  We will read texts that address the meaning of religious freedom in the context of electoral politics, law, education, civil disobedience, bioethics, and American Islam. In six sessions over the course of the academic year (two in the fall and four in the spring), the group will discuss the theories and practices of religious freedom expressed in these texts.  

No expertise or previous coursework in the subject is expected or required. Discussion will be facilitated by theology Ph.D. candidate Nichole M. Flores, and led each week by symposium participants. Meetings will be arranged based on the participants’ availability. Lunch will be provided by the Boisi Center at each session.

Reading Packets:

Religious Freedom and the Politician
Religious Freedom and Racial Justice
HHS Mandate Debate
Islam in America
The Future of Religious Freedom