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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

Boston College Courses

courses taught by boisi center administrators

headshot of Mark Massa

Courses taught by Mark Massa, S.J.

Exploring Catholicism I
THEO 1023
Fall 2017 

Exploring Catholicism II
THEO 1024
Spring 2018

Photo of Erik Owens

Courses taught by Erik Owens:

Religion(s) and American 
Public Schools
THEO 5492 / EDUC 4402 (undergrad/grad)
Offered next: Spring 2018
Recent syllabus: Spring 2018


Ethics, Religion and 
International Politics (ERIP)
INTL / THEO / PHIL 5563 (undergrad/grad)
Offered next: Fall 2018
Recent syllabus: Fall 2017


Religious Freedom in the US: 
Theologies, Politics, and Policies

THEO 2229 (undergrad)
Offered next: Spring 2019
Recent syllabus: n/a


Religion, Justice and Reconciliation
THEO / INST / AADS 1226 (undergrad)
+Cultural Diversity credit
Offered next: TBA
Recent syllabus: Summer 2017 (taught with Prof. Stephen Pope)

Citizenship in American Political
Theology and Political Philosophy
THEO 7487 (doctoral seminar)
Offered next: TBA
Recent syllabus: Spring 2017

For God and Country: 
Thinking about Religion & Citizenship

THEO 7486 (doctoral seminar)
Offered next: TBA
Recent syllabus: Spring 2015 


Ethics and the Economic Crisis
THEO 5427 (undergrad)
Offered next: n/a
Recent syllabus: Spring 2010


Ethical Issues in Business
and Economics

THEO 210 (undergrad)
Offered next: n/a
Recent syllabus: Spring 2007


Please contact Erik Owens for more information about the above courses.