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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

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boisi center for religion and american public life


Student Association for Religion and Politics  

The Student Association for Religion and Politics (SARP) was an organization for undergraduate and graduate students throughout the Boston College community to engage vital questions at the intersection of religion and public life. Since fall of 2010, the Boisi Center has shifted its focus from student groups to the Symposia on Religion and Politics, a reading and discussion group for undergraduate and graduate students.

SARP sought to be a platform for dialogue by hosting regular group discussions and larger university-wide events, and by supporting the events of the Boisi Center itself. The goal of its forums was to explore the moral consequences of public policies in ways which help maintain the common good and respect religious diversity.

Past SARP Events


Discussion on Women and Religion Led by Field Osler, A&S '10 
Friday Mar 26 2010
1:00-2:00 PM • Boisi Center


SAP PanelBuilding: Houses, Community, Resumes?
Thursday, March 19, 2009
Dan Couch, A&S '09
Matt Raffol, CSOM '09
Prof. Jennie Purnell, Political Science
Prof. Robert Murphy, Economics


Student Debate on GamblingStudent Debate on Gambling
Josh Darr and Timothy Mooney, Boston College
Thursday, November 8, 2007
Higgins 300  



Past Members

Student Advisory Panel 2008-2009

Executive Committee Members:

Andrew Bianco (A&S '09), Joshua Darr (A&S '09), Jayson Joyce (A&S '12), Olivia Klupar, Karen Kovaka (A&S '12), John O’Trakoun (GSAS), Kevin Quigley (A&S '09) and Paul Yang (A&S '10)

Other Members:

Brandon Benedict (A&S '12), Joseph Bissonnette (GSAS), Tyler Creighton (A&S '11), Margaret Galiani (A&S '10), Joe Reganato (STM/CGSM), Kathleen Sellers (GSAS), Brian Trepanier (A&S '10), Daniel Wilcox (A&S '12)


Student Advisory Panel 2006-2007

Student Advisory PanelStudent Advisory Panel

Alex Cohen (A&S '10), John Crowley-Buck (GSAS '08), Jeremy Cruz (GSAS '10), Elizabeth Eiland (LSOE '09), Pete Fay (A&S '10), Christine Friedrich (A&S '08), Catherine Kardong (A&S '07), John Macek (A&S '08), Emily McDonough (LSOE '09), Clare Catherine Murphy (A&S '07), Timothy D. Olson (A&S '10), Stephen Orosz (Law '08 ), Sally Pennington (LSOE '07), Katherine Seawell (LSOE '09), Kathleen Sellers (A&S '09), Mary Beth Stryker (GSSW/GSAS '08), Hillary Thompson (GSAS '10), Joseph Turnage (A&S '09), John Weaver (Law '08)