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It doesn't matter where you were
or in which nation you plant your trembling feet:
through a media-mastered haze of smoke, past
the flashing
the rush thrust me in between streaks of gray ---
The world stopped.
Telephone lines impassable across an ocean of not-knowing.
With reverberations that shook beneath the gaze of the David,
studying the angle
seemed absurd now.
It was eons before we touched down upon wet Logan runways at
Christmastime, coming…
Billowing Technicolor flags, faith in bumper stickers.
Cowboys, step down from your saddles,
Trade in your scud stallions and gaze off toward someone else's sunset
(the bombs bursting in air).
They have watched blood run in the squares for centuries…
perhaps it does lie in their marble eyes.
-Michelle M. Naujeck '03