UNICEF’s Boston College chapter is once again hosting a community art exhibit that brings critical attention to bear on issues of social justice. Last year’s JUST ART exhibit was the first of its kind at Boston College. Socially concerned Undergraduates, Graduates, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni will be contributing their talent to create an unforgettable event that stimulates the senses, touches the heart, and challenges the mind.

Paintings, sculpture, poetry, photography, music, etc. will be on display for five days in the “Cabaret Room” of Vanderslice Hall. In addition to the standing artwork, there will be a keynote speaker, live musical performances, comedy, and a film festival; there will also be an open mic night for those wishing to convey their concerns for global justice. In addition, a Catholic service will be held to remember and demonstrate solidarity with women and men and children suffering poverty and alienation around the world. All of these events will be open to the public and free of charge.

UNICEF of Boston College invites you to experience the creativity, talent, and passion for social justice that find their roots in our Jesuit tradition and are embodied in the compassion of the Boston College community. Last year’s Just Art (May 1-3, 2003) was a response to the manifest need we felt to lend expression to the issues that plague all of our hearts and minds. Some of the topics that will be explored will be war and peace, terrorism, globalization, human rights, etc.
The Social Renaissance has not ended; it continues this year to further inspire and educate the public through artistic expression.

We would like the exhibit to include these and any other justice issues:
  • Latin America
  • Iraq
  • The Developing Peace Movement
  • Africa & Global Aids Epidemic
  • AHANA Issues
  • GLBT Issues
  • Nucleur Proliferation
  • Animal Rights
  • The Environment
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Poverty
  • Hunger
  • Homelessness
  • Feminism
  • Globalization