about the global justice project

the global justice project was born in 1999 at the "battle of seattle" -- an enormous anti-corporate globalization protest of the people that brought the world trade organization (wto) to its knees. a group of boston college students and faculty who took part in the demonstrations returned to bc and formed the global justice project to educate and advocate for justice and democracy on campus and off.

seven years later, the global justice project is boston college's largest education and action organization of the progressive left. we work to create a community of educational, political, and social thought -- one that brings together liberals and radicals, activists and scholars, students, faculty, and workers. we have a vision of a just and democratic society, where the people have control of the decisions that affect them and the resources to which they are dependent. and of course our vision is both global and local -- we work to make bc a model for society in which the people -- the students, faculty, and workers -- make the important decisions instead of a few detached and unrepresentative administrators. through education and direct action, we seek to effect just and democratic change at every level of economic, political, and social organization. in putting forth a progressive agenda whose methods embody a vision of justice and democracy, we hope to promote the active participation of students in the creation of a movement to build a society free from war, poverty, oppression, and economic exploitation.

we are a consensus-based and non-hierarchal organization committed to participatory democracy, meaning that all members have an equal say in forming agendas, plans, and tactics. being a member of gjp does not entail a political obligation or ideological adherence. there are no cards to carry, registers to sign, or dues to pay. if you consider yourself a member of the global justice project, then you are a member. we ask only that you participate in our struggle for democracy and justice on campus and off. join us.

for more information or to join the listserv, contact gjp@bc.edu.



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