Web Activities: An Introduction to Baroque Art

The Taking of Christ, 1602, oil on canvas, 53 X 67 in.,
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio,
Italian, 1571-1610,
Society of Jesus, Ireland.

Welcome to the Boston College home page for the French, Italian, and Spanish activities written to give students an introduction to the Baroque period.  This site contains Pre-, While-, and Post-viewing Activities for middle school, high school, and college students.  In order to complete tasks, students muct click on specific links to data on existing French-, Italian-, and Spanish-language web sites posted primarily in France, Italy, and Spain.  All activities make use of the target language.

To best do these activities, students should print them and then access the page online to click on the numerous links provided.

To find the best set of activities for your class, examine each of the four levels in your language. Select a level that is appropriate for your individual class.  A, B, C, and D should not be interpreted as meaning French/Italian/Spanish I, II, III, and IV.  Each level is broad and, therefore, it is possible to have Spanish II and Spanish III classes both using the same level. 

NOTE: Level A is specifically designed for younger students.

French A Italian A Spanish A
French B Italian B Spanish B
French C Italian C Spanish C
French D Italian D Spanish D



Any comments or corrections about the Activities (pages with "www.bc.edu" in the URL) may be sent to this address.   Any comments or corrections about links should be sent to those responsible for the pages.  For example, if you see an error on a Prado Museum page and wish to send a correction, please send it directly to the Prado Museum.

This page was initially created for students visiting the Caravaggio exhibition at the McMullen Art Museum at Boston College. Due to its popularity, it has since been modified so that students can now do the activities and substitute "a virtual museum" tour instead of seeng the actual paintings.

Special thanks to: Dean Patricia Deleeuw, Dr. Franco Mormando, the staff at the McMullen Art Museum at Boston College. Activities authored by the following Boston College graduate students in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures: Daniel O'Sullivan (French), Cristiana Fordyce (Italian), and Jennifer Sopko (Spanish), updated by Elena Ivanova (Italian and Spanish) and Emmanuelle Vanborre (French). Email questions or comments to this address. Project organized by Debbie Rusch.