Q. I don't know how to step dance or play an instrument. May I take classes as a complete beginner?
A. Yes. We offer beginning classes in Irish fiddle, tin whistle and Irish stepdancing. By the end of Gaelic Roots you'll be able to perform some basic dance steps and play a few tunes. (You will need access to an instrument. Whistles may be purchased for a few dollars at any Irish import store. It must be in the key of D, and we recommend you use type "Generation" D. Check your local music store for fiddle rentals. Beginning dancers should bring soft "ballet type" shoes.) You're also invited to attend all of the extracurricular activities including: lectures, workshops, Seisiúns, Céilithe, and recitals given by our teachers.

Q. May I take classes in more than one instrument or a dance class and music class?
A. Yes. The schedule is designed to give each student an opportunity to study with a number of different teachers.

Q. Will there will be anyone else my age?
A. In the past we have had students ranging from age 6 to... 60 and beyond. All age groups are welcome and usually well represented.

Q. Are there chaperones for students under 18?
A. No. Because of the limited number of staff members at Gaelic Roots, there is no individual supervision for younger students. There is a spirit of community on the campus. Gaelic Roots students eat together, take classes in the same areas, and are housed together. Children 14 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult. However, if you are considering sending a student over 14 to the program, please do first consider their individual maturity.

Q. May I bring a parent to stay on campus with me?
A. Yes. You may bring a parent (or guardian) even if they are not registered for the summer school (we can only accommodate one other person per registered student). Accompanying guests will be charged at the same standard BC Housing rate as participants. Guests are encouraged to buy the accompanying Parent/Guardian Package so that they may participate in all of the evening events already covered by the student's tuition cost.

Q. May I bring a guest to stay on campus with me?
A. No. Because we have only limited dorm space, we can no longer accommodate spouses and guests in campus housing.

Q. May I purchase evening event tickets for my spouse or guest even if they are not stay on campus with me?
A. Yes. Accompanying spouses and guests may purchase the Parent/Guardian Package for $165.00. That will enable them to participate in all of the evening events already covered by the student's tuition cost, but they will not be able to stay in the dorms.

Q. I will be signing up for a double room but do not have a preferred roommate. Will you place me with another student in my age group?
A. Yes. We will do our very best to match you up with someone in your age group.

Q. Is there phone service in the dorm rooms?

A. Yes. BUT you must bring your own phone and a phone card will be needed for any long distance calls.

Q. As a registered student or parent may I use the Flynn Recreation Center on campus?
A. Absolutely yes. All registered students and accompanying parents/guardians will have access to the Flynn Recreation Center. Just show your nametag at the door and you will be able to use the pool, indoor track, indoor tennis courts, weight room, and exercise equipment.

Q. I am a parent/guardian and will be staying on campus with a registered student. Are there any events that I may attend if I don’t purchase the Parent/Guardian Package?

A. Yes. You may attend lectures and outdoor Seisiúns only. You must be a fully registered student to attend classes. Parents and guardians are never allowed into any of the classrooms. If you are a registered parent/guardian you may attend all of the evening events cover by the student tuition. Remember Saturday’s Farewell Concert must be purchased separately.

Q. I am not a registered student or an accompanying parent or spouse, are there events I may attend during the week?
A. Yes. You may buy individual tickets for Wednesday's Boston Harbor Music Seisiún and Dance Cruise, Thursday’s Gaelic Roots Master’s Concert and Saturday's Farewell Concert featuring our Gaelic Roots' world renowned musicians and dancers. Order tickets by using the Individual Evening Event Ticket Order Form on our Web site or in the brochure. (The Wednesday Boat Cruise and the Thursday Concert are included in the cost of registration for students and accompanying parent/guardians who have purchased the evening event package.)

Q. Are some of the events free to the public?
A. Yes. Lectures and outdoor music Seisiúns held throughout the week are open and free to the public. All other events require that you be a registered student or registered parent/guardian. Tickets are available for purchase by the public for Wednesday’s boat cruise, Thursday’s evening concert and Saturday’s Farewell Concert.

Q. May I take classes without staying on campus?
A. Absolutely yes! BUT all students who commute to Gaelic Roots must attend the Sunday, June 15th orientation @ 6:00 p.m.

Q. If I commute will I be able to store my instrument on campus?
A. Yes. There is a secured storage room in Gasson Hall for your instruments. You may check your instrument in at the Gaelic Roots information desk in Gasson Hall lobby. HOWEVER, neither Gaelic Roots nor the University will be responsible in case of loss or damage to your instrument.

Q. What if I am unable to arrive on campus until Monday, June 16th?
A. Students who are unable to arrive on Sunday should plan to arrive by 8:30 a.m. Monday morning. This leaves time for check-in at Gasson Hall before classes begin at 9:00 a.m. Students will not be able to check-in to the dorms until after morning classes are over. If necessary, you may store your belongings in the lock-up area in Gasson Hall. Better still, you should leave them in the trunk of your car, since dorm check-in is on the lower campus near the parking garage. Please note you will be missing important information and valuable opportunities available only on Sunday afternoon. In particular we strongly encourage all students to attend Orientation on Sunday evening if at all possible.

Q. May I make a reservation for Gaelic Roots in order to secure a place in the school?
A. No. Full payment must be received with your registration.

Q. May I make a reservation for Boston College Housing in order to secure a place in the dormitory?
A. No. If you are planning to stay on campus you must pay for BC housing when you submit your registration.

Q. When will I receive notice confirming my registration for Gaelic Roots?
A. You will receive a letter confirming your registration by mail. If you do not
receive an acceptance letter within three weeks you should call our office @ 617-552-1772 in order to find out the status of your application.

Q. If I cancel my registration, will Gaelic Roots refund my money?
A. Yes. If you notify us by April 1, 2003 we will return your tuition payment, less a $100 processing fee for students or $50 for parent/guardians. Cancellations received from April 2nd to June 1st will receive a 50% refund. No refunds after June 2nd.
All housing fees will be refunded.

Q. Are meals included in the Registration Fee?
A. Monday and Friday evening outdoor dinners are included in the student and accompanying parent/guardian registration package. Other meals may be purchased in the dining hall located next to the dorms (opened from 7:30am to 6:30pm every day). There are vegetarian options available at all meals. If you find the dining hall too expensive, consider buying your own food for breakfast, lunch and snacks. All students staying on campus will have refrigerators and sinks in their suite. There are also a limited number of restaurants and convenience stores nearby.

Q. May I make a reservation for Gaelic Roots and/or Boston College Housing in order to secure a place in the school?
A. Aside from your instrument or dance shoes, some students find it helpful to have a small audio tape recorder for their classes. Since there are no music stores close to campus you should bring extra music strings and other accessories. Students staying on campus should consider bringing a blanket, alarm clock, kitchen utensils, hangers, coffee/tea makers, and a personal pillow for extra comfort and convenience. All dorms are part of a two or three bedroom suite that includes a common lounge area with a refrigerator, sink, and two shared bathrooms.

Q. May I video-tape classes or concerts?
A. No. In accordance with Boston College policy video taping is not allowed in any of the classes, lectures, recitals or Robsham Theater concerts.

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