Socialist and Communist Propaganda

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 The Thule Society (1919)

 Don't Forget the Rhineland (1919)

 German Evening (1923

 Head and Hand Workers (1925)

 Protect Your German Land (1924)

 Awaken and Vote (1926)

 Home School and Work (1925)

 This Plebescite is Common Theft (1926)

 The True Leader of Marxism (1926)

 Inviting Death into Germany (1927)

 Why Can't Hitler Speak? (1927)

 Come Join Us (1927)

 Smash the Enemy of the World (1928)

 The Blow Must Go Home! (1928))

 Paragraphs against Freedom Fighters (1928)

 Or Else They Died in Vain (1928)

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