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This page presents 47 posters from the first two years of World War II. Beginning with the Polish campaign, and escallating through the victories over the Scandinavian Countries, and then over France and the attack on the Soviet Union, these posters offer little that is new in the form of graphics or propaganda themes.. Indeed, most of the symbols could have come from any country at war.

The only unusual aspect is the sudden employment of anti-Semitism, which becomes linked very strongly with the war against Bolshevism.

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 Campaign in Poland (1939)
 'England: This is Your Fault (1939)
 The Old Hatred, the Old Goal (1939)
 Chamberlain's Woirk (1939)

 Day of the Wehrmacht: Winter Help Collection (1940)
 King Checkmated (1940)
 The Eternal Jew (1940)
 Jud Süss (1940)

 He is Guilty of Causing the War (1940)
 Into the Dust with All Enemies of Greater Germany (1940)
 The SA trains for Comradeship (1941)
 The Front Soldier Expects (1940)

 The Navy in Action (1941)
 Volunteer for the Navy (1941)
 Waffen-SS Recruitment (1941)
 Recruitment for Waffen-SS (1941)

 Join the Hitler Youth Tank Division (1942)
 You Too! SS Recruitment of Hitler Youth (1942)
 County Celebration (1941)
 Help Win the War! (1941)

 Your Too Can Help (1941)
 Peasants and Soldiers, 11 October 1941
 Policy of the United States (1941)
 The Meaning of the War in the East (1941)

 The USSR is happy and prosperous! (1941)
 23 August 1941
 November 1941
 Netherlands in the SS (1941)

 SS Flemish Division (1941)
 Prove Yourself a True Dutchman in the SS (1943)
 You Defend Belgium in the East in the SS Wallon Brigade (1943)
 Europe is Prepared: The Flemish SS Legion (1943)

 SS Langemarck Flemish Division (1943)
 Up the Flemish Legion (1943)
  Waffen SS Recruitment (1943)
 Wallonia Legion against Bolshevism (1943)

 For Three Winters: Legion of French Volunteers (1943)
 SS Ski Recruitment (1943)
 Northmen fight for Norway (1941)
 Join the SS Nordic Ski Division (1942)

 SS Nordic Ski Division (1942)
 Who is the True son of thew Netherlands? (1942)
 Denmark Against Communism (1942)
 Join the Nordic Legion Against Bolshevism (1942)

 Front Against Bolshevism (1944)
 GPU Massacre of Ukrainians (1944)
 Katyn Woods Massacre (1944)

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