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This page contains 32 posters from the the last year of peace and illustrates the skill with which the Nazis applied to foreign affairs the same propaganda techniques which had succeeded so well on domestic issues. Beginning with the campaign for the union of Austria and Germany (the Anschluß, March 1938), and continuing through the acquisition of the Sudetenland at the Munich Conference (September 1938) official posters lavishly praised Hitler's initiatives and prepared the country for even more victories -- such as the bloodless acquisition of rump-Czechia and Memel in the early spring of 1939.

But the Nazis did not neglect domestic issues, and central in these posters are the celebrations of the "Strength Through Joy" movement, and especially its popular "People's Car," the Volkswagen.

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 Appeal by Schuschning (1938)
 A Volk joins its Volk; Blood to Blood (1938)
 Statement of Austrian Bishops (1938)
 A 'Yes' for reunification with Austria (1938)

 Step by Step the Führer Frees Us (1938)
 A 'Yes' for Greater Germany
 With Hitler for a free, happy Greater Germany (1938)
 The Whole Volk says "Yes" on 10 April 1938

 13 March 1938 Anschluss
 One Volk, One Reich, One Führer (1938)
 Commemorative Stamp for Anschluß (1938)
 Four Years of Strength Through Joy (1938)

 Kdf Settlements (1938)
 Women Groups in the Factory (1938)
 Beauty in Work, Work in Art (1938)
 Effeciency Campaign for German Firms (1938)

 Your KdF Car (1938)
 The Volkswagen (KdF Car) (1938)
 Savings Plan for the KdF Car (1938)
 Day of German Art (1938)

 Blood and Soil Peasant Rally (1938)
 Postcard Commemorating Munich Conference (1938)
 Hitler Youth at Nürnberg (1938)
 Gauleiter Wagner on Krystall Night (1938)

 We face a Happy Future. Vote 'Yes' (1938)
 Give Your 'Yes' to the Führer (1938)
 Map of Greater Germany (1938)
 Hitler as Builder (1938)

 Hitler's Accomplishments (1939)
 DAF Vacations with the KdF (1939)
 Reichs Veterans Day, Kassel (1939)
 Nürnberg Rally Peace Poster (1939)

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