The Third Reich
Nazi Propaganda


This page contains a variety of posters from the years during which the Nazis consolidated their hold on the country and transformed it into the "Third Reich." These 60 posters show the first examples of foreign policy issues, such as the Saarland Plebescite in 1935, the Spanish Civil War, and the remarkably successful Nazi exploitation of the Berlin Olympic Games of 1936. But the bulk of the posters reflect the intense propaganda effort to publicize German enthusiasm for National Socialism, and for Hitler, in every institution and in every aspect of German society.

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 I believe we will master destiny (1935)
 Out with the disturbers of the Peace (1935)
 Back to Germany (1935)
 German Mother, Home to You! (1935)

 Hitler as Flagbearer (1935)
 Great Anti-Bolshevik Show (1935)
 The Volks Gemeinschaft (1935)
 BdM Collects for Youth Hostels (1935)

 The Youth Hostel is like your Parents' House (1935)
 Free Time for Creative Youth (1935)
 World Rally of the Hitler Youth (1935)
 March Along with the German Workers' Front (1935)

 The DAF recognizes the need and helps (1935)
 Tryouts for the Reich Sports Contest (1935)
 The SA Sports Competition (1935)
 Germany, Your Colonies! (1935)

 Travel to Germany (1935)
 The Hitler Youth is Germany's Future (1936)
 Comrade in the Daily Fight (1936
 The Reich Postal System (1936)

 10 Years of the NSD (1937)
 Our Children have a Future, Thanks to Hitler (1936)
 Former Unemployed Now are Happy (1936)
 Work and Bread! Income Rises (1936)

 Elsewhere Cloisters are Burning (1936)
 All Germany Listens to the Führer on the Radio (1936)
 Reichs Labor Service: We are Building (1936)
 Relaxation in the Strength Through Joy (1936

 Winter Olympics, Garmish-Partenkirchen, February 1936
 Berlin Olympics (1936)
 Berlin Olympics (1936)
 Summer Olympics (1936)

 Sixteen Days of the Olympics -- August 1936
 Cover of Time Magazine (1937)
 Bolsheviks burn Churches (1936)
 Communism destroys the family (1937)

 Discipline (1937)
 All Ten Year Olds to Us (1937)
 Schlageter Memorial Service (1937)

 SA Oath of Alliegance (1937)
 The Eternal Jew Exhibit (1937)
 Jews Build Walls Between People (1937)
 Bolshevism un-Masked (1937)

 Modern Architecture (1937)
 Speed Along the Reichs Autobahnen (1937)
 Adolf Hitler's Streets 1937
 Air Raid Protection (1937)

 Summer Solstice (1937)
 International Hunting Exhibit (1937)
 Rally of the Nazi Flyer's Corps (1937)
 Healthy Parents, Healthy Children (1937)

 Bdm in the Hitler Youth
 You Too Belong to the Führer (1937)
 Support Mother and Child in the NS Hilfswerk
 German Girls! A Career in the Lbor Service (1937)

 Children, What Do You Know about the Führer (1938)
 You too can Travel now (1937)
 A Strength Through Joy Volks Fest (1937)
 Glider Sports Calls You (1935)

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